Go bigger on your savings and stop WASTING your extra load

An App that IDENTIFies your friends network to MANAGE your phone bills or prepaid load


A simple app to make your every day life easier.

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It filters your contacts according to the network provider.

Help you lessen your time to identify which friend have the same network provider as you instead.

Search your contacts according to names or numbers.

Tired of scrolling down again and again? You could search your contact automatically using their saved name or numbers.

Keep in touch with just one tap or a swipe to the left.

Call numbers instantly without hesitation. Stop wasting time in checking your contacts' network provider. Just sort and choose and your ready to call.

Send messages by just swiping to the right or long pressing

A fan of unlitext promos? Then this app is for you. Choose the network. Swipe or Long Press. Voila your ready to text.

Where can I download the Kontaks mobile app?

The app is available through Google Play.

What platforms can I use the Kontaks mobile app on?

The Kontaks App is currently available on Android (3.0+) devices.

I do not have access to Google Play Store, can I download the app directly?

Unfortunately download section is still under construction, thus you can only download the app through Google Play.

How do I report a suggestion or a bug in the Mobile app?

You can directly report it to us by sending an email at info@eulap.com or call us at +632 - 556 - 7609.

How much does it cost?

The Kontaks App is absolutely FREE.

How long does it take to download software?

That depends on the size of the software and the speed of your Internet connection. With a standard broadband Internet connection most of our programs are downloaded within several seconds.

Kontaks application is developed by Eulap Software Solutions in order to resolve issues in filtering the contacts of your smart phones.

We are a group of individuals based in Manila, Philippines. Bound by the love of technology and passion for developing solutions that will make your life uncomplicated. We strive for perfection in our work and we'd love to help you attain your goals.

For inquiries and bug reports you may call us at +632 - 556 - 7609 or send us an e-mail at


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